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Steve Seslar, MD, PhD


Stephen Seslar, MD, PhD, is the Chief Operating Officer at Dopl Technologies, Inc. He earned his MD and PhD degrees from Georgetown University and did his Cardiology & Electrophysiology training at Harvard. Dr. Seslar has spent nearly two decades caring for patients, one by one, and now he is committed to devoting his energy and insights to make a larger-scale impact. His research focuses on the application of telerobotic technology to improve access to specialty care for underserved patients.

Dr. Seslar draws his passion for democratizing healthcare from his personal experiences caring for his elderly parents, who retired in a rural community in the northeast corner of Vermont. He envisions a future where the lives of both underserved patients and the resource-constrained providers who care for them are transformed through innovative technology.

Fun fact: Dr. Seslar has a knack for accumulating odd skills, including juggling, walking on his hands, and riding a unicycle. It is little wonder that one of his first jobs was as a professional clown.

Steve Seslar, MD, PhD
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