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Wayne Monsky, MD, PhD


Wayne Monsky, MD, PhD, FSIR is the Chief Medical Officer at Dopl Technologies, Inc. He earned his MD and PhD degrees from Georgetown University then completed Surgical Internship, Radiology Residency and Interventional Radiology Fellowship as well as Post-Doctoral imaging research at Harvard.   Dr. Monsky has been in clinical practice for 22 years, previously serving as Section Chief at a level one trauma center and Co-Director of The Ultrasound based Washington Molecular Imaging and Therapy Center, collaborating to develop advanced ultrasound technologies.

Dr. Monsky’s passion for developing technologies to make specialty care accessible to those in rural, remote and underserved communities stems from that fact that It is nearly every day that he provides care for people coming from rural Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Montana,  by ambulance or helicopter in extreme conditions for life saving treatments for trauma related bleeding or cancer.   It has always been clear that there are tremendous healthcare disparities and specialists such as Drs. Monsky and Seslar as well as the needed technologies are rarely found in much of the United States, resulting in life threatening delays in diagnosis and treatment. He passionately believes that technologies Dopl is developing including robotics, telemedicine and telesurgery will enable lifesaving care in rural, remote, disparate areas across the globe.  Having been integral to the development of a number of devices relevant to Interventional Radiology, through the years, he understands the intricacies of research and development, regulatory process for FDA approval and commercialization.

Fun fact: Dr. Monsky is most proud of his 15 year old son Lucas who is a soccer goalkeeper onThe Elite Club National League as well as a Black Belt in Karate winning numerous Gold medals in National and International Tournaments. When not watching his son compete, he loves cooking and playing with his Whippet, Ace.

Wayne Monsky, MD, PhD
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