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Yingbo Shi, MBA

VP of Product Development

Yingbo Shi is the Vice President of Product Development at Dopl Technologies. She received her Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and her MBA at the University of Washington. She has accumulated extensive experience in MedTech, particularly in the design control process of new product development, during her time as a quality engineer at Becton Dickinson & Company. Having completed her MBA, she is poised to combine her technical leadership and business acumen, guiding the development of innovative and market-responsive healthcare technology solutions.

Yingbo's commitment to healthcare accessibility is deeply personal. Growing up alongside her grandparents in China and observing their ongoing struggles with chronic illness, she developed a deep empathy for families seeking the best possible care for their loved ones. This experience shaped her desire to forge a future where healthcare access is equitable, regardless of geographic location - a vision she eloquently expressed in her MBA personal statement. Yingbo is dedicated to turning this vision into reality, striving to bridge the healthcare access gap across communities.

Fun fact: The first paycheck Yingbo earned was through casting in a famous movie.

Yingbo Shi, MBA
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